TEODORI – The Art of Knitwear made in Italy


TEODORI has always seized the opportunities offered by the market. A feature that has allowed the Teodori Knitwear Company to expand their production and distribution in many countries.

Luxury knitwear sustainably produced in their own atelier and factory in Italy.

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TEODORI uses not only cashmere, cashmere-silk, wool, silk, cotton, merino wool, but also linen, nylon, vicuña, guanaco, angora, mohair and leather. All the best yarns on the planet.


Vita Amadio, future Mrs. Teodori, as a child, in 1949, was already making sweaters. It is the beginning of the story of two generations of Teodori artisans and then industrialists. Sustainable and slow fashion brand in a world of fast fashion consuming. Ethical & sustainable lifestyle fashion business.


Like a great Hollywood actress. Spotlights light up on her, cameras and a thousand eyes look at her, check her in search of some imperfection that makes news. Here, at Teodori, the real star is called quality, super controlled in every single phase of production, by electronics and expert eyes to guarantee the final product, which is practically perfect.


Teodori uses not only cashmere, cashmere-silk, wool, silk, cotton, merino wool, but also vicuña, guanaco, linen, angora, mohair, nylon and leather. We are a “think tank”! We use internal and external forces to provide advice and ideas on projects and for stylists.


We are an ideal partner for companies. They can use our experience to create and find technical solutions. Teodori’s staff offers a range of services, from material tests to stylistic consultancy, from sample production to final collection, thus providing a total production cycle for private brands. Ethical consumers exist, and in partnership with ethical businesses, the process of producing and consuming textile can be improved.

TEODORI – The Art of Knitwear made in Italy


The excellent craftsmanship found in March allowed us to develop various knitting programs, to provide a full range of gauges (1 to 30) and control systems.

Teodori is now available in the BENELUX at JAANTE, Fashion Agency Brussels & Showroom