She Dreams Of Seashells Hair Couture


She Dreams Of Seashells Hair Couture


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Our INDAH signature hair pieces were designed to enhance your gorgeous locks. Shell enhances your intuition and promotes peace.
Wear it on your wedding day or at a special event. The teeth on all our hair couture pieces are flexible and can be interlocked to stay secure.

All of The World Of INDAH gems are designed by Coco Effendi, handcrafted in Indonesia by our talented team of artisans using traditional techniques & tools from recycled brass. Each item is carefully dipped in 24k gold using our signature tone or enhanced with silver depending on your preference.
All INDAH gems are available in gold & silver.
INDAH means beautiful in Bahasa Indonesian, each piece is designed to bring confidence & empowerment by awakening the goddess within.
We believe family is important & we chose to work with factory’s in small villages so our artisans can stay close to home & be there in person to support their families. We also provide children who graduate from school with an opportunity to train in our factories so they can become artisans & continue the traditional Indonesian techniques that have been carried down from generation to generation.
How To Wear Your INDAH Gems:
Quiet the mind, take a moment in stillness, and set your intentions when you first put your INDAH gems to activate their healing powers.

How To Cleanse & Care For Your INDAH Gems:
Recharging your gems on the full moon once a month is the most powerful way to keep them working at their optimal capacity. If you feel your crystal has been taking on a lot of extra work & needs cleansing simply light a sage or palo santo stick, ask for your crystal to release what’s not serving you, and set your intentions.
Learn more about the healing properties of your gems, how to store, cleanse and recharge your gems on the Crystals section on our website.

Clip: Length 8cm Width 6cm
Available in gold, silver & rose gold.


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