Portfolio Category: KNITWEAR

Explore Jaante’s curated portfolio of sustainable brands, meticulously chosen for your retail business. Elevate your offerings with brands that prioritize ethics, quality, and sustainability. Join us in shaping a more conscious and responsible fashion industry.

From established department stores to charming independent boutiques and thriving multi-brand concept stores, Jaante has fostered valuable relationships across the retail spectrum. Our curated portfolio of sustainable brands is tailored to meet the diverse needs of each retail business type.


Discover the perfect mix of brands at Jaante, where Slow Fashion meets Craftsmanship, Eco-Luxury blends with Vegan, and Limited Edition pieces intertwine with ethical practices. Our portfolio showcases a diverse range of slow fashion designers and sustainable brands, spanning Menswear, Womenswear, Ready-to-Wear, StreetWear, Haute Couture, Accessories, and Footwear.

Embrace a world of conscious choices and elevate your collection with brands that redefine fashion’s future.