The World of Indah – Eco-luxury & Sustainable Jewellery

The world of Indah is sustainable crystal jewelry handmade from recycled ship parts and enhanced with 18K gold.

Handmade with love in Indonesia and designed to enhance your natural beauty.


All of the designs at The World Of INDAH are composed of recycled materials; handcrafted using traditional Indonesian techniques & tools then dipped in 18k gold or silver to bring our designs to life.

Love & positive energy are infused in each piece allowing you to feel a true sense of empowerment while wearing your precious gems.

Each crystal of The World of Indah is hand-selected by the designer, then charged during a full moon ceremony in Bali to restore its healing and manifestation properties.



The World Of INDAH – Eco-luxury Crystals Jewellery

All of INDAH’s pieces are designed by Courtney Weller “Coco”,  our talented artisans bring these powerful designs to life using traditional Indonesian techniques and tools.  Each design is carefully handcrafted using brass, copper and stainless steel from recycled ship parts & powerful crystals then dipped in 18k gold.

Coco believes crystals are the “Art Of The Earth’, she infuses love and positive energy into each design so all who wear INDAH feel a strong sense of empowerment and complete harmony with their chakras.  INDAH is inspired by Coco’s deep spiritual connection to Mother Earth, her passion for sustainable design, and the talented artisanship in Indonesia. All of INDAH’S designs are an expression of Coco’s soul, her love for fashion, organic beauty, and fascination with crystals. 

INDAH’s factory is located in a quaint village in Java, we are honored to be able to provide INDAH’s artisans with a safe form of income without having to commute long distances from their village. We offer the same opportunity to the younger generation by providing free training to those who have recently finished their schooling so they can remain in their village close to their family and friends all while doing what they love, creating art. 

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The World of Indah – Sustainable design & Handcraft
Origin:Indonesia & USA
Made in:Indonesia – Bali
Category:Accessories – Women / Jewellery
Characteristics:Timeless, Eco-luxury, Sustainable, Crystals

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