SEMI/ROMANTIC | Sustainable Luxury Lingerie

Sustainable Luxury Lingerie!


Discover the allure of sustainable luxury lingerie, where exquisite craftsmanship meets the finest sensual details. Elevate your intimate moments with lingerie sets that are not only beautiful but also environmentally conscious.


Elegance and Ethos: While sustainability lies at the heart of Semi/Romantic identity, their story is woven with multiple threads.

They share an equal ardor for crafting luxury lingerie of unparalleled excellence. Their creations epitomize beauty and timelessness, with fabrics as varied as the remarkable women who don them.

Semi/Romantic takes pride in the ethical production of each fabric, from the tender lace to the velvety ribbed jersey. Every piece is a harmony of conscious craftsmanship, meticulously sewn together by a remarkable all-female team at their Sylvan factory in Portugal.

Harmonies of values

Every thread in their garments is spun from certified sustainable materials, such as Tencel and recycled lace. Crafted entirely in Portugal, within a nurturing women-owned factory, their commitment to sustainability finds its canvas in every delicate stitch. This commitment embraces not just the creation of their lingerie, but resonates through their packaging choices and logistics partners.

Semi/Romantic is a dialogue—a narrative with two perspectives. Their pieces speak of femininity without overt suggestion. They intertwine comfort with elegance, a marriage upheld by our unwavering dedication to quality, ensuring their lasting presence in your wardrobe.

A Tale of Friendship: Their inception is rooted in a friendship that has flourished over a decade. Two women, united by their ardor for exquisite, sustainable, and enduring fashion, birthed the brand. Their wellspring of inspiration springs from the women they encounter, coupled with a fervent aspiration to leave an indelible mark through their craft.

Embrace this friendship by embracing their collection, and let Semi/Romantic become an everlasting companion in your journey of style and purpose.

For B2C orders, visit the SEMI/ROMANTIC website and for B2B (retailers), get in touch with JAANTE by email at and request to receive the Lookbook and wholesale T&C. 

Semi/Romantic vision is to craft a tapestry cherished by every woman—a masterpiece of beautiful, comfy, sustainable lingerie.