PAPER BOAT: Where Sustainable Fashion Kids’ Swimwear Sets Sail

Paper Boat | Kids’ Swimwear

Embark on a heartfelt journey with PAPER BOAT, an eco-conscious Kids’ Swimwear brand that unfurls a fresh tide of sustainable eco-fashion.

Paper Boat’s collection of swimsuits, sweaters, and accessories for women and children is carefully crafted in Portugal by skilled artisans who take pride in their work. The brand’s commitment to ethical production ensures that each piece is made with the utmost care and attention to detail. You can feel good knowing that your purchase not only looks great but also supports responsible and sustainable practices.

Founders with a Vision

Inês and Catarina, the visionary souls charting the course for PAPER BOAT. In 2019, ignited by their daughters’ quest for distinctive swimwear, they embarked on an odyssey to create something truly extraordinary.

Infused with their architectural backgrounds, an unwavering love for fashion, and a fervent commitment to quality, environment, sustainability, and fair trade, they breathed life into PAPER BOAT—a brand that transcends mere products, embracing all who become part of its fabric.

Guided by Values

Every PAPER BOAT creation is a testament to dedication and purpose. The designs, hues, and patterns are meticulously crafted by their design team, but the ultimate seal of approval comes from their harshest critics—their own children. Infused with pride, their fabrics are born from recycled polyester, gleaned from the very ocean’s grasp that they’re dedicated to preserving.

Beyond aesthetics, their swimwear is an embodiment of practicality with quick-drying treatments.

Zero Waste, Maximum Impact

PAPER BOAT is a champion of lessening waste and magnifying influence. The remnants of yesteryears’ collections breathe anew through our #desperdiciozero movement, reborn as smaller marvels like skating covers. It’s a pledge to diminish our footprint while leaving a vibrant legacy for the world.

Set sail with PAPER BOAT Kids’ Swimwear today in family; parents and children (boys & girls) and be a part of a voyage toward a more sustainable tomorrow.

Portuguese Excellence – Fully Embraced.

Paper Boat is committed to supporting local craftsmanship. Each partner and material reflects Portuguese pride, and their pieces are meticulously handwoven by skilled artisans.

This commitment stretches even to our packaging, as we bid farewell to plastic. Each PAPER BOAT piece arrives within a tender cotton embrace, a nod to their commitment to a greener world.