KAREN VOGT – Modular Handcrafted Leather goods

KAREN VOGT is known as a modular leather goods brand (Marroquinerie modulaire). A Slow Fashion Eco-luxury Handcrafted Leather goods made in France.

More than just a clever concept, Karen Vogt offers you a whole new gesture that helps you go through your day with ease.

Under the refined and understated look, you will discover ​

not just one bag, but two, 
not just one capacity, but two, 
not just one function, but several!

The Leather by Karen Vogt

Willing to act responsibly and to limit over-production, Karen Vogt only creates small series of bags with surplus leather stemming from the big names in the leather goods industry. 

​This choice makes it possible to put existing materials into use and to renew our collections regularly… so you won’t get bored

The Handles

To zip or to unzip, that is the question! In any case, you’ll always be ready to go, since le Généreux and impeccable both come with two pairs of handles, one for each transformation. 

You can choose your style between cotton twill with a little shine or plain leather for a more classic vibe.

For l’Espiègle it’s all set, it’s a cross-body strap in leather.  But you still have the choice of leaving it on or not. Modular, we said, modular!

The Lining

The lining of our bags is made of a mix of organic cotton and recycled polyester. And sometimes, it just won’t stay unnoticed!

Indeed, some of our models come with an exclusive, printed fabric in a tonic orange color. Others, in more subtle tones.

Again, it’s for you to choose which one you like the best! 

The Designer Karen Vogt
Karen Vogt, créatrice de maroquinerie

Founder of her namesake brand, Karen Vogt has experience of nearly three decades in the fields of fashion and beauty. 

After having graduated in fashion design and pattern making, she started her career alongside the Norwegian fashion designer Per Spook for whom she designed accessories, luggage, scarves, footwear, and jewelry.

​Convinced that bags can play a role in women’s empowerment, she observes the lives and habits of women around her, willing to converse and share with them in order to co-create accessories that are modular, multifunctional, smart, and easy to wear.  

​According to Karen Vogt, bags should contribute to women’s feeling of freedom and confidence, adapting to their lifestyles and encouraging them to live their lives to the fullest.

Made in:France
Category:Accessories – Women Leather goods: Handbags, Bags, Clutch, Wallets
Characteristics:Timeless, Craftsmanship, Modular, Woman-Owned

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