JAMES&Co – Vegan Leather Outerwear – Innovation & Sustainability

Vegan Leather outerwear, launched in 2012, since the beginning James&Co designed women’s outerwear as a Pet-Approved vegan brand certification. The growing global emphasis on sustainability and climate change made the pivot in 2018 to embrace the new innovative textiles coming onto market. And put cruelty-free sustainability at the core of JAMES&Co’s business.


The leading brand of sustainable and vegan products that radiate the impact of doing good for the environment, workers & animal kingdom – through the combination of sustainable textiles & eco-friendly processes with classic style quality


To replace labels of women’s outerwear products made in textiles derived from animals, harm the environment and products’ workers with James&Co trusted products made in more sustainable fabrics – including laboratory-grown and plant-based faux/vegan leather, sustainable denim, sustainable wool alternatives.  


Our business is founded on the dual objectives of achieving the purposes for which it was founded and is a profitable business. The core purposes for which the business was founded are

  • no animal or animal-derived fabrics for our products and
  • more sustainable fabrics for our products which have no restricted chemicals and minimal environmental health and safety (EHS) impact 
  • contribute to raising awareness of mental health and suicide prevention initiatives   

JAMES&CO earns the trust of businesses and consumers because of

  • the quality of the products
  • compliance with its Sustainability Policy goals
  • the certifications JAMES&Co are awarded as independent assessments of its quality and compliance with EHS requirements globally

All fabrics JAMES&CO sources for its leather alternative products will be assessed for chemical input and EHS impact and only those fabrics – and the factories which make them – which meet its measurable requirements will be used for its products.

Made in:Australia & Indonesia
Category:Womenswear – Outerwear: Jackets, Biker, Gloves – Vegan Leather, Lether goods,
Characteristics:Vegan “Lether”

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