Happy Genie Bags 🍏 Eco-Luxe & sustainable brand 🍏

HAPPY GENIE Bags is an Eco-Luxury & sustainable brand designing handbags made from apples. 🍏

Timeless vegan luxurious handbag made from apple. A fashion revolution, Swiss innovation with a high commitment to fashion sustainability.

Happy Genie Bags

Vegan, cruelty-free, #sustainability in combination with luxury and the highest quality and design standards fit well together. A new innovative line of luxury bags unites these components, its name: HAPPY GENIE.
Designed in Switzerland and manufactured in Italy, the material is a bit of a surprise and a worldwide innovation: the bags are made from apples.

World’s first multifunctional luxury handbag made from apples Swiss design with handmade in Italy.

Made in:Italy
Category:Accessories -Women Vegan Leather Handbags
Characteristics:Timeless, Craftsmanship, Eco-Luxury, Vegan

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