BUBUBA Bags – Sustainability, Italian Craftsmanship & Luxury

Influenced by tradition and projected toward the future, BubuBa bags find their identity in the combination of classicism and modernity with the desire to fully express a stylistic vision imbued with the artistic taste of our culture and create a connection between the past and the future.

A typically Italian style and craftsmanship are the basic values of the brand BubuBa, which aims to interpret the evolution of the world without ever forgetting where it all started.

BubuBa is positive luxury, tradition, exclusivity, and craftsmanship. The result is an extraordinary synergy of metal and fine leathers. The creations of the BubuBa Collection were designed to be an art medium, a wall on which they can be hung and carried around the world. Art is the essence of the world revealed to the eyes.

The nuances of the six accessories, Vintage Gold, Bright White, and Bright Black, mounted one by one in contrast or tone-on-tone on the hexagonal-shaped bags made strictly in Italy by expert hands, come out of the surface, thus creating a rare and some opulent three-dimensional, etc. The desire is to amaze, catch the eye, and shine.

Made in:Italy
Category:Accessories Women Leather goods: Handbags – Bags
Characteristics:Timeless, Craftsmanship, Luxury, Limited Edition

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