PAPER BOAT: Where Sustainable Kids Swimwear Sets Sail

PAPER BOAT Collection: Where Sustainable Kids Swimwear Sets Sail

Elevate your boutique’s offerings with PAPER BOAT, an eco-conscious Kids’ swimwear brand that brings a refreshing wave of sustainable fashion.

The collection of swimsuits, sweaters, and accessories for girls, boys, and women is crafted with utmost care and ethical practices, proudly made in Portugal by the skilled hands of Paper Boat artisans.


Founders with a Vision

Meet Inês and Catarina, the visionaries behind PAPER BOAT. In 2019, driven by their daughters’ desire for unique swimwear, they embarked on a journey to create something extraordinary.

Drawing inspiration from their backgrounds in architecture, a passion for fashion, and a dedication to quality, environment, sustainability, and fair trade, they birthed PAPER BOAT—a brand that’s not just about products but a close-knit family of customers and partners.


Guided by Values

At PAPER BOAT, every creation tells a story of dedication and purpose.

The designs, colors, and patterns are meticulously crafted by our design team and then approved by the ultimate critics—our children. We take pride in using recycled polyester, sourced from plastic bottles collected from the ocean, for our fabrics.

The swimwear is not just stylish; it’s also practical with quick-drying treatments.

Embracing Portuguese Excellence

We’re committed to supporting national production. Every partner and material we use is proudly Portuguese, and our pieces are lovingly handcrafted. Our dedication extends to sustainability in packaging too, as we’ve bid farewell to plastic. Each PAPER BOAT piece is delivered in a cotton bag, embracing our commitment to a greener future.

Zero Waste, Maximum Impact

The founders believe in minimizing waste and maximizing impact. Leftover fabrics from previous collections are transformed into smaller pieces, like skating covers, as part of our #desperdiciozero movement. It’s all about reducing our footprint and leaving a positive mark on the environment.


Elevate your boutique’s offerings with PAPER BOAT—a brand that blends style, sustainability, and purpose seamlessly. Join us in celebrating fashion that makes a difference.

Set sail with PAPER BOAT today and be a part of the journey toward a more sustainable future.