The first collection of KATERINA VASSOU JEWELLERY, was introduced in 2004. Characterised by its contemporary design, every collection is handmade and includes unique creations with semi precious tones and Crystals from Swarovski®.

The pieces that compose the collections are hand-forged by the artist and each one contains a small part of her. In turn, her created pieces will be come part of the essence of each person that chooses them. The success of the collections, and the need for new trends worldwide, led to the international expansion of the brand in more than 30 countries worldwide, along with 4 exclusives tores in Athens, Greece.

KATERINA VASSOU vision is to expand its global character, being a source of style and inspiration, for all women around the world. 

Choosing the finest materials for Katerina Vassou’s products, in order to achieve excellence and high customer satisfaction, the designer issusing the finest Crystals From Swarovski. #katerinavassou #jewellerydesigner

Since 1895, Swarovski has been the premium brand for the world’s finest crystals. With more than a hundred years’ experience of high-quality craftsmanship and mastery incutting, Swarovski produces light-filled crystals of breathtaking range and brilliance.

KATERINA VASSOU – Fashion campaign FW21

KATERINA VASSOU JEWELLERY is an official partner of Swarovski®, and its products carry the original Swarovski Seal which authenticates the premium quality of the precious ingredients. You can verify the authenticity of Katerina Vassou products made with #SwarovskiCrystals.