Embrace Sustainable Eyewear: Discover Eco-friendly Brands

In recent years, the fashion industry has made a significant shift towards sustainability, and eyewear is at the forefront of this positive change. As consumers become more conscious of their environmental footprint, the demand for sustainable eyewear brands is soaring.

These brands prioritize eco-friendly materials like recycled plastic and bamboo for their frames, offering a lower environmental impact compared to traditional plastics. Moreover, many of these labels champion responsible production processes, using water-based adhesives, sustainable dyes, and energy-efficient manufacturing methods. Supporting companies with transparent supply chains and a strong commitment to ethical labor practices is crucial in this movement.

But sustainability in eyewear doesn’t stop at the materials used. Some forward-thinking companies are taking it a step further. They offer glasses with replaceable parts to extend their lifespan, and they have take-back programs or recycling options for old eyewear. High-quality, well-crafted eyewear is less likely to become waste, making it a more sustainable choice in the long run.

Let’s explore a couple of remarkable sustainable eyewear brands that are making waves:

BALLO: The Cape Town Ethical Visionaries

Ballo is on a mission to make eyewear that not only looks good but also does good for the planet. Their production takes place entirely in Cape Town, a choice driven by their deep concern for environmental, social, and ethical issues, especially in a region with high unemployment rates.

What sets Ballo apart is their innovative use of recycled and upcycled materials, such as wood offcuts, recycled paper, fabric offcuts, bio-resin, end-of-roll canvas, and more recently, cork. With a wide range of designs in various colors, sizes, and frames, Ballo eyewear can elevate your style while adding a touch of eco-friendly elegance.

As a brand deeply committed to environmental causes, Ballo donates 1% of its sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. By choosing Ballo, you’re not just looking good but also supporting environmental, gender equality, and educational initiatives.

RE:SIN: Where Sustainability Meets Elegance

Founded by Polish sisters Karola and Monika Adamczyk, RE:SIN exemplifies the fusion of sustainability and style. This brand leaves no stone unturned (literally) when it comes to sustainable eyewear.

RE:SIN’s meticulous attention to detail extends from the careful selection of eco-friendly materials, including plant-based acetate, to the choice of Japanese craftsmanship for handcrafting their glasses. Their Zeiss lenses provide full protection, including a 400 UV filter, anti-reflective, and anti-scratch coatings. Adding a unique touch, each pair of RE:SIN glasses is adorned with amber, hand-prepared by Polish craftsmen, paying homage to tradition and nature.

The founders of RE:SIN are staunch believers in sustainable fashion and the idea that every choice we make impacts our surroundings and our lives. Their eyewear collection stands as a testament to the power of conscious consumer choices in making a difference.

In embracing sustainable eyewear, you not only make a fashion statement but also contribute to a brighter, more eco-friendly future. Join the sustainable fashion movement with JAANTE and make a lasting impact while looking your best.