Being eco-fashionista isn’t a trend

Since 2014 at Jaante, we are doing our best for representing sustainability in the fashion industry. Therefore, most of our brands promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices when it comes to designing their collection and is made with sustainable or ethical practices.

Being eco-fashionista isn’t a trend, but a lifestyle.

Jaante, fashion agency & showroom with a perfect mix of Slow fashion, sustainable brands, craftsmanship,  limited edition, handcrafted designs, and clothing made by amazing designers and artisans.

For many of the brands/designers showcased at Jaante, practicing sustainability comes at a larger scale than just using deadstock or recycled fabrics.

Ethical and eco-conscious values with sustainable lifestyles are the core of their businesses, and they are able to use their platforms to bring awareness to the matter.

As Vivianne Westwood says: BUY LESS. CHOOSE WELL

When investing in designer clothing, you should think of purchasing a piece to wear during many years of timeless fashion and also who is trending all seasons #seasonless. Join the movement. Be an eco-friendly fashionistas eco-fashionsita