Being eco-fashionista isn’t a trend

Since 2014 at Jaante, we are doing our best for representing sustainability in the fashion industry. Therefore, most of our brands promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices when it comes to designing their collection and is made with sustainable or ethical practices.

Nowadays,  Sustainable fashion and ethical fashion become increasingly important consumer considerations.

Being eco-fashionista isn’t a trend, but a lifestyle.


✅ Brands that source, create and design clothes that lessen the impact on the environment. They achieved it by using organic materials, dyeing with biodegradable dyes, and reusing materials. (ecofriendly)
✅ Produce quality pieces that will last long (durability) over cheaper ones that you know will go out-of-style.
✅ Traditional forms of creating clothes are more used. Instead of relying on factories and machines, many sustainable clothing items are handmade with traditional techniques like weaving, spinning, and using natural dyes or handcrafted by artisans. (Craftsmanship)


🛑 brands that bring new styles to stores often
🛑 Sell at low costs using cheap labor
🛑 Enables consumption & overproduction
🛑 A big environmental & social problem
Fast fashion facts:
– 700 gallons of water is used to make one cotton shirt.

Jaante, fashion agency & showroom with a perfect mix of Slow fashion, sustainable brands, craftsmanship,  limited edition, handcrafted designs, and clothing made by amazing designers and artisans.

For many of the brands/designers showcased at Jaante, practicing sustainability comes at a larger scale than just using deadstock or recycled fabrics.

Ethical and eco-conscious values with sustainable lifestyles are the core of their businesses, and they are able to use their platforms to bring awareness to the matter.

When investing in designer clothing, you should think of purchasing a piece to wear during many years of timeless fashion and also who is trending all seasons #seasonless. Join the movement. Be an eco-fashionista, sustainable fashionista.