CASHMEA – Timeless handmade scarves

CASHMEA designs and produces Timeless Quality Scarves with Rare Natural Fibres.

Handmade • Sustainable • Ancestral Savoir-Faire

Handweaving since 1927, Swiss brand, CASHMEA is a modern soul infused into slow woven and minimalistic design scarves.

Each Cashmea product is sustainably crafted with integrity using carefully handpicked fibres, eco-dyed and eco-washed to obtain a fine lightweight scarf coming directly from our ancestral craftsman workshop based in Amritsar, India.

All the fibres used are natural and dyes are oekotex & GOTS approved. Eco-friendly, CASHMEA doesn’t use softners and our detergents are certified ecological.

CASHMEA is Craftsmanship, Weavers, Tradition, Sustainability and eco-friendly brand.

Uniqueness, Cashmere scarves collection in cotton & Lenzo Micro Modal that are soft, breathable and extraorinarily silky.

_ The Mission

CASHMEA believes in timeless quality scarves.
Each Cashmea product is sustainably crafted with integrity, eco-dyed and eco-washed to obtain a minimalist quality scarf coming directly from our 100 year old craftsman workshop.

_ The Materials

The CASHMEA atelier has been awarded twice internationally for handweaving the finest and delicate threads possible and proudly woven for brands like Christian Dior, Paul Smith, Lala Berlin, Mercedes Benz Fashion group and many more.
Today, Cashmea makes part of uprising sustainable and artisanal fashion projects that believe in preserving the old artisanal methods of weaving and changing the way the world wears.