Who What Where is J|N?

Creative Fashion Agency & Showroom specialized in representing Top Independent and Emerging Designers, Premium Slow Fashion Labels, Sustainable & Ethical brands.
JAANTE connects fashion brands with international buyers, retailers, celebrities, and editorial placements.

JAANTE showroom; a well-known showroom that has pioneered in fashion sustainability and the leading fashion agency in CH/BE has gained its reputation based on its commitment to sustainable brands building long-term relationships with clients, from premium department stores to independent boutiques and e-commerce websites.

JAANTE organizes frequent events to build brand awareness for the designers and thee brands, creating a unique and exclusive shopping experience for fashion-forward consumers.

A new concept Showroom-Boutique collective of designers that encompasses two markets: the brands/buyers (B2B) and the consumer (B2C).
For the designers/brands, JAANTE represents an exclusive community of remarkable talent and for the consumers; it is a premium ethical brand of fashion sustainability.


The expertises of JAANTE's team; Sonia, Julie, and Bigitt are at your disposal.

Sustainable & Slow fashion for eco-fashionistas

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Who is behind J|N?

Hello! Her name is Julie.
Her love for fashion and her personal story are the reasons why since 2008, she got involved in sustainability in the fashion industry.
The positive impact that sustainable fashion and eco-conscious have a positive impact on the people lifestyle and the most important on our planet. The fashion industry is one of the biggest wasteful industries (like the oil industry).

W ho Is?
Well-known Socialite, Fashion Entrepreneur, Marketing Strategy consultant expert in sustainability within the fashion industry and luxury goods.
With a successful track record, Julie is a highly experienced marketer with a direct interface to the client at both a strategic and operational level. Extended international exposure and hands-on fashion knowledge gained through living/working in Europe and experience in operating and leading in different markets (the Middle East and Africa).

JAANTE Fashion Agency Showroom Vegan Sustainability

For the brand, JAANTE represents an exclusive community of remarkable talent and for the consumers; it is a premium brand of fashion.

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