L'armoire - Chic Market | Fashion & Creative events



Company: JAANTE GmbH
Brand(s): Mix
Category: Creative Event - Responsible Fashion
Country: Belgium, Spain, Switzerland
Year: 2014,2015


« L’armoire – Chic Market » creative events «Responsible-Fashion»
Creative events when fashion and trends intersect with sustainable development.

Q: WHAT IS « L’armoire – Chic Market »? « L’armoire – Chic Market » creative events like «responsible fashion» was born out of idea to combine fashion and trends with sustainable development.
Everything starts with an observation: Women won’t stop buying new clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. After a while they get tired and things pile up … Fashion, trends, gadget , decor, books … We have become ultra consumers…

Q: WHAT ABOUT RECYCLING? Become a vendor and/or buyer of « L’armoire – Chic market » and be fashion-responsible.

MISSION & OBJECTIVES: – Propose event organization «responsible fashion» and invent for each of them a theme with a different environment. – Mobilize communities – Rate the following idea: «Make the old new thing» – Convey our philosophy: «Sustainable development is accessible to all, in the everyday acts of each»
Founders: A. Boucher & J. Atenda Owner: J. Atenda