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Designer | Brand

Company| Brand: ONO CREATIONS
Designer: Bernadette
Category: Accessories | Men & WOmen
Country: EU
Start Date: 2015
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ONO Creations are handcrafted & ethical handbags designed by Bernadette. A fashion brand dedicated to celebrating beauty and beautiful experiences for everyone involved. Imagine a world that preserves nature through the creation of beautiful products.

    ONO designs elegant ethical handbags, hand-crafted by skilled artisans and experts under fair conditions, made from a unique natural and vegan material combination to create the highest value for its customers, its partners and its team.


  • COR:
  • The “cor” collection connects simplicity in design with an outstanding material selection of bamboo and organic cotton.The smooth uniquely patterned cork-tencel combination gives each bag its individual charm. Soft and exible when touched, but strong and durable when used, cor bags are a classy everyday partner for both, men and women.
  • STELO:
  • The “stelo” collection was created to let women shine. Its design is a combination of three uniquely patterned, high quality natural materials creating the contour of a star by being joined together.

    The VALUES

  • As individuals and as a company ONO seeks to be in unison with our fellow human beings and with our environment. Being in unison with nature and our environment aligns with the principles of sustainability and sustainable development. At every step along the way – from extraction, to manufacturing, to distribution – it implies causing as little harm as possible while increasing the positive impact as much as possible.
  • To ONO cooperation means seeing and connecting with the human being first. As stated in the UN Human Rights Declaration, Article 1: Humans are ‘born free and equal in dignity and rights’. If a business is based on this awareness, caring for cooperative, fair, respectful and human working conditions and partnerships is nothing but natural.
  • ONO admires beauty and beautiful things. Each single bag is hand-crafted attentively by skilled artisans. We are devoted to creating outstandingly beautiful bags you fall passionately in love with.
  • ONO prides itselves in producing items of highest quality. Ono bags are not only sustainable and beautiful, they are created to last. In order to achieve the best manufacturing quality, we closely collaborate with our producers, we communicate continually during the manufacturing process and thoroughly test our prototypes as well as the finished products.
  • Innovative natural materials – ONO designs elegant ethical handbags, handcrafted by skilled artisans and experts under fair conditions, made from a unique natural and vegan material combination to create the highest value for our customers, our partners and our team.